Thursday, May 8, 2014

Life on Bohol

Kamusta mo?!

What an exciting week. 

First, our zone activity! Last Wednesday, we piled into the Zone Leader's van (except the Ubay district because they're so far away) and drove to this lake. It was SO beautiful! Sister Hatch and I found this trail and went running on it, but I only had flipflops and it was raining. So they broke. So I had to run 3/4 of the trail around the lake barefoot! It was super scary cuz all the creepy crawlies here...but I lived! At one point we went to cross a little stream and I stepped in what I thought was a little bit of mud and ended up sinking down to my knees! was a bit deeper than I thought. We finished our run around the lake wet from the rain (and sweat *gross* cuz it was SO hot) and dirty. But it was a blast!

Then Thursday, we piled back into the Zone Leader's van and headed up to Loon for a CSP! We filled the Talbot's truck with shovels, gloves, picks and spent the morning breaking and hauling rocks in the oven-like heat. It was for the member that Elder Teh talked about at General Conference...the one who's most valuable possession is her Temple recommend and she's happy despite losing her daughter and grandson in the Earthquake. We all got sunburned (or darker) and sweat litres. But we stopped and got delicious shakes on the way home (I got avacado/buko pandan which is avacado and coconut. It's delicious.)

Lots of work this week, too. Sister Salima and I climbed a mountain on Friday and walked for miles and miles yesterday. It was Fiesta - Patron: San Isidro Labrador for the areas we were working in. The day was filled with drunk people smoking, playing volleyball, basketball and participating in videoke. Quite the adventure. People were drunk and having a party, but because it was Fiesta, they wanted to hear the Word of God, too. Going home Saturday night and Sunday night was quite the journey. All of the simbahans(churches) turned into discohans(clubs) for fiesta. Strobe lights, colorful dance lights, rock music and lots of food. It was really interesting to see....

So the money came in for the new Clarin B sister's apartment. They should be cleaning it up and moving in within the next week or so! It might be Sister Salima and I or whoever the new companion is.   When we move, I will miss Calape. I will miss the Talbots. But I won't miss the music. Every morning our neighbor turns on his radio full blast. It's hard to concentrate when you have Kesha playing full blast. But on special occations, he turned on Classic Opera and Musical songs which reminded me of the Ballams and Utah Festival Opera -that I will miss! Mostly just Sunday Mornings when I get to hear songs like "The Impossible Dream" or "Ave Maria."  

Anyways, it was a great week. Transfers are this week! This is the first transfer that I have absolutely no idea what will happen. No idea. There are infinite possibilites. Guess we'll find out soon :D

I love you all!

Sister Warner