Monday, November 4, 2013

We got a letter in the mail from Jayme today:

Sa Akong Pamilya!

I was looking at the countdown today and I only have 19 more days in the MTC! (today is Thursday, by the way).  Yeah!  I am so excited to get out into the field!!! I can't even express how excited I am and I can't wait for real people!

Well, since Sister Grigg and I were put in as the sister training leaders, I feel as though I have grown so much closer to all of the missionaries - I am going to be so sad to leave them all, especially my District because we are literally a family now!  They are all going to the Cebu mission and I am so sad!  But we are already planning a District reunion in New Zealand and one in Utah; either way we will make a pit stop in Kirabati to see our lovely Sister Tune and Sister Rimai.  Yeah, we are tight like unto a dish!

How is school going for everyone?  Most of the people in my District and Zone don't get anything but a couple of emails once a week.  I probably will only hear from you guys once a week or so while in the Philippines because it is FREAKING expensive to get stuff over there!

So since coming here, I've met a lot of really cool people.  An Elder Kahne from France, two beautiful Sisters from Puerto Rico, two Elders from China and Hong Kong, tons of Polynesians and a couple of Elders from Peru, an Elder from Spain... ummm... many more than that - I am just forgetting.  It is like such a melting pot and so interesting to hear their perspectives about America and Americans.  Seriously, most of them know more about America (especially politics) than I do and I passed AP U.S. History!  It is nice that they are pretty much like all of us!

Also, in the residence hall, I share a hall with the Sisters going Taiwan; most of them are at least half Asian and they are amazing!  There is a Sister Henderson who is going to Taiwan; she isn't Asian at all but her parents are mission president/wife somewhere and so she got to go a little early; she is only 18.  She is awesome and definitely a great missionary!

The other day we played in the leaves ... it was Sister Rimai's and Sister Tune's first time ever with leaves!  They've never seen snow before and so they were so excited - we are going to build a very tiny snowman!

So some interesting things have happened the past couple of days at the gym.  First off, Elder Ellis was playing volleyball on the team opposite mine and he spike the ball straight up and knocked out a ceiling tile!  It's more impressive when you consider that it's like 3 1/2 stores up - it was hilarious!  Then the other day, the volleyball game went completely rule-less and turned into a half soccer, handball, volleyball, wallyball whatever game.  One person hit it over the net to the other team, where Elder Neilson kicked it right into the other Elder Neilson's face!  Funnier was the fact that they were both on the same team and only about 5 feet apart!  Then last night, during volleyball, Elder All punched the ball and cut his hand but didn't tell anyone.  He bled all over two courts and two balls before the coaches made him stop!  So Elder Reudena, Elder Lasalosi, two gym coaches and I spent most of the gym time sanitizing and cleaning up blood!  One volleyball totally had a wilson handprint!

Oh my gosh, I found this awesome erasable pen in the bookstore - it's black and says "remove by friction" at the bottom.  It's done by Pilot and it is awesome!  I highly recommend it!

I love and miss you,

Sister Warner   

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