Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finally.... An email with details!!!

Hello to anyone and everyone who is reading this!

How are you all?! I hope you're all doing weel. I'm doing good. And, just as expected, I'm not transferring! I get another 6 weeks here in Inabanga Green. Heaven on Earth. I'm excited to watch our recent converts continue to grow and hopefully witness a couple more baptism before I leave here. :D 

So we have this investigator who was found by Sister P and Sister S. And we've been teaching her this whole time and we were running out of patience and ideas because she's been reading the Book of Mormon and has a strong testimony of that and of Joseph Smith. But she just wouldn't come to church! So last week, we took over some fellowshippers for the first time. And oh boy did it work. We had a great lesson and she came to church last Sunday! Not only did she come to church, but she brought her 3 kids. And, during Relief Society, she shared a really spiritual personal experience and bore testimony of the power of prayer. It was amazing! She did it all willingly. Yesterday, when we visited her, she just kept saying about how she was just overwhelmed with the Spirit on Sunday. And she had so many great questions. It was really an miracle. 

Then we went to the T's home to do their first family home evening with them. And we were having an absolute blast and teaching them how to do it so they can start doing it on their own and all that jazz. Man I love that family so much. All of our recent converts. We're family and this is our first family reunion in a long time. I'm so happy to have this opportunity to reunite with them :D 

Anyways, down in Tontunan, where they live, there is no cellphone signal. So, during the closing prayer when we suddenly received a series of rapid texts, we were shocked. All of them from Sister I - her mission call had come! President Tanner was over here on Bohol for zone interviews and he brought it to her! Unfortunately, we were clear down in Tontunan (about 30-40 mins away from her house, or longer depending on how long the wait for transportation is.) Luckily, Sister I loves us. And because last Thursday night, when we were doing a FHE with their family, she got the text that her call was in, she promised us that she'd wait until we could be there with her!!! So we ran up Tontunan hill (poor Sister Orzal looked like she might have a heart attack) and as soon as we stepped onto the highway, a tricycle heading to Clarin came by and picked us up! 

Slowest tricycle ride ever. And the driver had to stop to pee on the side of the road. I was like: "FOR REAL?! Sister I has her mission call!!!!" Anyways, we go there just in time. We ran down Tangaran to where she lives and were greeted by a large crowd of ward members. We all rushed inside her balay and she opened it.

PHILIPPINES CAGAYAN DE ORO MISSION!!!! She reports October 24th, 2014 to Manila :D And I'm so excited for her! She's so great.

Ah. So, from our tiny Inabanga Brach, which averages about 100 people (if the R family comes. If not, it's like 85...) we have Bro. J who leaves in August, another brother leaving in September and Sister I leaving in October. Sister J's papers are in, so none of us will be surprised if she leaves in November! It's super special. I love Inabanga so much!

Ah so last Monday, we had a zone activity. We all went down to the beach on this island off the coast of Calape. Here in Calape Zone we have 26 people and one 12 passenger van. Luckily, the rules about seats and seatbelts aren't applicable here. So 24 of us (Sister W and Sister J didn't come) piled into that 12 passenger van and droved down to Calape! I was standing on the side with Sister T because all the seats and laps and floor were taken. It was crazy fun! We had a great time playing beach volleyball and enjoying the sand. It was a perfect day - there were clouds, so the sand wasn't blazing hot - but it didn't rain! So perfect. It was way fun. 

The attached picture is my beloved Calape Zone, June-July 2014 Transfer! Not pictured: Sister W and Sister J who didn't come to our Zone Activity at the Calape Beach, and Sister T (from Fiji) and Elder T (our other zone leader) who were taking the pictures. Now, sweet Sister V has gone home!

Alright. Gonna leave ya'll with that for now. I'll send over some more pictures.

I love you all!!!


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