Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Kamusta Kamo?!?!

Well, I'm currently in the Mission Office in Lilo-an. Sister Tanner and the Robertson's, the office couple, are currently in Camotes scoping out the area for a new apartment. Pastilan I hope they put sisters in Camotes! I would love to go there! President Tanner is driving missionaries to the Airport to go home now! We have two leaving today and like pretty much my whole zone is leaving in January :'( very sad! I'm going to miss them a LOT. And it's Lilo-an's temple day, so Sister Crowley, Sister Duke and Sister Stoddard ran the office this morning and Sister Yap and I are running it now. It's pretty fun! AIRCON!


 1.  WHAT IS THE CHURCH BUILDING LIKE: Our church builiding is brand-new. And 3 stories. Nindot. With aircon and an elevator! Whoa! 

2. ARE YOU IN A BRANCH OR WARD:  I'm in the Lacion 3rd Ward! There are 3 wards in the Lacion Stake! My zone covers the Lacion Stake.

3. WHAT IS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK:  This about happy/wonderful? On Sunday I was waiting for ward council, and Sister Yap was talking about stuff with a whole bunch of Returned Sister Missionaries in Visaya and they were talking so I was playing the piano and singing with Elder Fabiano and Elder Rayos and two Returned Missionaries - one from our ward and one from the 1st ward. And it was just so nindot. Brother Lukas from the First Ward is an excellent pianist and was playing EFY songs and we were all singing. It was very fun. 

4. TELL US ONE THING THAT MAKES YOUR COMPANION SPECIAL:  Sister Yap...where to start...So many things make her special. I guess I'd say the power of prayer. So far, everything she's told me she's praying for she's gotten in one form or another. She is very faithful and she is always praying.

5. TELL US ABOUT ONE INVESTIGATOR:  How about Sister R? So Sister Yap and I were panted a TON one day like a week an a half ago and we couldn't get a tricycle so we were walking back to our area really downhearted and we passed by this woman brushing her daughters hair out on this bamboo bench. So we stopped and talked. BOY was she prepared. We're just waiting until we can teach her whole family together, but she is so ready and receiving the message. She's amazing.

Wow...So last week we had the first annual Philippines Cebu East Mission Party! 

We did the 12 Weeks of Training for our zone went something like this:

On the ____ week of training, my mission gave to me:

1. A trainer from Ozamiz City
2 Brown outs (weird bumps - Elder Larson's blisters...)
3 Sick Days
4 Super Typhoons
I'm really trunky(or 6 Dear John Letters depending on what Elder Raymundo felt like saying)
7.2 Earthquake
8 Tuko's Talking
9 Hours Trackting
10 CSP's
11 Kwan's a-Kwaning
12 Trunky Letters

And we were arranged from youngest to oldest in terms of mission time :D so I was first! Sister Yap is from Ozamiz City...

Some of the songs if you want to hear them:

Naayong Pasko - Tony Gonzaga
Star ng Pasko - Sarah G
Pasko na Naman - Martin Nievera

Yes, they're all in Tagalog. No, I don't understand. Only a tiny bit.

That was SO much fun! Pastilan, ...and because of that, Tuesday night the Bogo Sisters stayed over at our house and Wednesday SLEEP OVER WITH SISTER GRIGG! Sister Grigg and Sister Cuerquis and their trainers stayed at our house! It was so good to spend time with her again. And she got to meet Sister lil C, the girl who was baptized my second week here.

Speaking of Sister lil we went to teach her last night, and as always, she was so excited and came running out of the house to say hello. Keep in mind that she's only 9 years old through the rest of this. First, about a week ago, she came running out with this box full of broken computer parts. From which, she showed me how many things she can do with them, like light a tiny light bulb and make this little motorized car run. Then Monday, when we were waiting for her parents, I was asking her about school and what she liked to do, and she told me that she likes to work. She said she doesn't like to go waste her time playing because she needs to work hard for her life. I was like "WHAAAAAT?" She's 9! She's so smart.

Anways, just a bit after that, she ran back into the house and came out'll never guess so I'll just tell you. A Preach My Gospel. Whoa. Floored me. Then she proceeded to tell me about how badly she wants to be a missionary, so she's starting to study now. And she's got a count down until when she can leave! Wow. She's so smart and she's gonna be a great missionary.

The elders in my district went up to Bogo last week for two days to build houses. An "elders only" project...but Sister Yap doesn't like to do "man's work" anyways, so even if we'd been given the opportunity, I don't think we could do it. We'd have to go on splits. I want to help, though. So next time, I'm going! I'm so jealous of them! 

Katie! You'd love the worms here. They're massive! Lyssa, you'd love the sun! I'm starting to get a baby tan :D

Hey, can someone ask Ammon if he knows Kaylan Johnson? From EFY a couple of years ago??  She said he was fun.  

Alright. Love you all!!!!

Amping :D

- Sister Warner

Sister Elsie, Sister Yap and Sister Warner with neighborhood kids.  

        This is with some members at the Ward Christmas party. The two guys in the middle are NOT nurses. 
                                          They work as assistants for a massage therapist. :D

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