Monday, December 2, 2013

Another day in the Philippines....

This is gonna be short, but we had our first baptism! It's the girl in the picture. Her name is Celestial.

Weird food of the week: barbecued pig skin. I forgot what it's called...very interesting. I don't really know how to describe it.

We celebrated Thanksgiving American-style at the Mission home! All of the Cebu East Mission was there except those on Bohol. 3 zones, I believe. It was great to see everyone and so much fun!

On Wednesday Elder Echo Hawk will be here and on the 10th WE'RE GOING TO THE TEMPLE! So excited!!! Then a Christmas party. Hopefully Sister Yap and I will have two Christmas baptisms :D

Sister Yap speaks English! Very well, too but she's still learning. It's great cuz it's forcing me to speak Visayan.  Elder Ewell is my district leader! His companion is Elder Larson - from my MTC batch! They went to a temple sealing last week for one of their families, so that's why they didn't get to email. I believe they emailed yesterday, Sunday, while we were at the mission home for thanksgiving.
Sister Yap and I both do laundry and we both cook; mostly sister Yap cooks and she lets me do language study during that time. Usually we eat pinoy food. ;D noodles, rice, sudan - stuff on the rice. usually meat. I was pretty sick my whole first week here from so much meat. but I guess I'm used to it now. 

Very first discussion...was...crap. I don't remember but I wrote it in my journal, so I'll bring it next time. I think it was...never mind. I don't have the slightest clue - good thing I write this stuff down!

Sorry USC lost the basketball game to USU and sorry USC lost the football game to UCLA. So sad! But i definitely saw it coming ;D

Alright, love ya!!! Tell Jonni (Dursteler) and Carla (Gamez) that i said good luck and they're gonna love it!

Actually, the mosquitos are starting to lay off! sorry, no caps - keys are sticky. but the bites aren't as big now, aren't as itchy and aren't lasting as long. it's great! i'm getting used to it. 

Everything here is made for little people. often I feel as if I will break their furniture, unless it's the ground or a rock, of course. Which it often is. But the furniture and vehicles are made for little people.  The people here are so so humble. They have NOTHING. but they have family, and that's EVERYTHING. They're priorities are definitively in order. 

We have mosquito problems EVERYWHERE! 

So a jeepney is like a jeep that's been extended so you can fit more people in. See if you can google it! I'll try to take some pictures ;D the really boss drivers can fit like 30 people in, but most just fit like 15. Just two benches, one on either side of the jeepney and a tiny walkway in the middle. A habal-habal is a motorcycle. More like a dirt bike. And on average they cram 3 people on those things! But I've seen up to 6. In America, none of this is even CLOSE to legal. 6 people on a two-seater dirt way.

We get TONS of cat calls - especially at night if the Elders aren't walking us home.

Eyebrow conversations are hard to explain. you just have to see it! just pus-pus, two eyebrows raised and then lowered means 'yes', a mouth drop means 'repeat that please' or 'what?' one eyebrow up is a question, etc, etc. it's funny!

love you and can't wait to skype!

- Sister Warner -
                                 Apparently this pig tried to eat Jayme's skirt!

                                         Celestial - Sister Warner's first baptism.

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