Monday, June 9, 2014


Kamusta mo?!

So sorry this is gonna be brief. We had a zone activity down in Loboc - we went on the Loboc River Tour with the Talbots and Sister Tanner. So. Much. Fun. It was gorgeous!

1.  When are transfers?  Do you feel like you will have a transfer between you and Sister Hatch?  

Yes. One of us will probably be transferring. Not sure who, but I feel like changes will be made!

2.  How is your apartment working for you?  What do you use to cook with?  A stove?  

We have a stove thingy on top of the counter that's connected to a tank of gasul, so we cook with that. It's similar to a Camp Chef...

3.  Do you only drink the bottled water?  So far so good with that?

Actually we have like a's like the one we have at home in the corner. Like a dispenser thing...? and we just trade in the jugs with our landlord and they get them filled up with purified water. I'll take a picture of the kitchen soon so you can see!

4.  What do you typically eat for breakfast?

Whatever we have! Pansit, bananas, apples, Energen (this sort of hot drink)

5.  Who cooks?  You or Sister Hatch or both?

Both of us. We cook pretty equally. Haha. And we do dishes equally. Companionship unity!

6.  What did you do in church today?

Yesterday...we had 7 investigators at church! They're all have baptismal dates within the next couple of weeks. So I hope I don't transfer! We just went to Gospel Principles Class with them and then Relief Society. We didn't teach yesterday, which was a first in weeks. 

7.  Any funny, special, spiritual stories? 

Umm...I wish I had more time to write about the miracles I've seen, but I just don't have time today cuz of the Zone Activity. But I will share one miracle. So the Loboc River Trip takes place on a floating restaurant. And it costs P400. Expensive. So everyone was trying to plan which meals to skip so that they could afford to go and such. So Sister Hatch and I were gonna skip dinner a couple of days to afford it (lolz...) and then, we got fed. Dinner Thursday-Saturday. And Sunday night, this family we're close with gave us 3 Kilos of rice and veggies. Wow. Miracle! The Lord is aware even of our desires and is willing to help us out! Even when it comes to affording zone activities....

Alright. Gonna take off now to go work! 

Nahigugma ko kaninyo!

- Sister Warner -

BY THE WAY:  There is a picture of my arm.  I took a little tumble down our stairs cuz my flip-flops were wet and I was running down the stairs and slipped! Got several deep bruises on the left side of my body. Right side escaped unscathed cuz I grabbed the rail. One on my arm, two on my back, one on the back of my thigh and one on the back of my calf. It actually didn't hurt until that night when I went to sleep then....ouch!!!

The is of  Elder Johnson, Sister Cuerquis and I :D I love them! They're awesome!

Me with Sister Tanner.

This is with the Talbot's.  They go home in July and I am going to miss them.

This is with my Zone - on the floating restaurant.  Awesome!!!

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