Sunday, June 1, 2014

We did NOT receive an email for posting on May 11; it was Mother's Day and we Skyped!!!  The next week, she was having brown outs (electricity loss) so we only got bits and pieces. Here is her May 25, 2014 email.  

Kamusta mo?!

Well, as you can tell about my totally nonchalant title for this thing...I'm out of creative juices!  It's been a long week. A looong week. 

My new companion, Sister Hatch, likes to run. So, every morning at 5:30 am, we wake up. And we pray. And put on our running clothes and shoes. And we run until about 6:30. 

It's hard. But I love it! And it gives us time to explore our area. The people here are up with the sun and down with the sun, so often I think that the work here would be more successful if we could start earlier in the day...but that's okay. We can explore while we run.

Then we stretch and shower and eat breakfast and study and work! 

I don't know if the running helps necessarily...since our area is super bukid and we spend the day hiking mountains as it is.....*Give me, mountains to climb!* How true that song is. I sing it every day!

I'm having internet difficulties I'm gonna make this quick! 

We moved to Clarin! Tuesday we spent all day paling around with the Talbots and moving from Calape to Clarin. We got to go to this super awesome store called Bohol Beads (they go home in July and wanted some gifts for their families) and this awesome hotel in Tubigon (the Robertson's and Tanner's are in Bohol right now so we helped pick out rooms for them and make reservations) called the Monina RM. So nice. And there's a super nice restaurant inside...I've eaten there once after a district meeting. 

Funny story: Sister Hatch and I were teaching a lesson the other night and one of those cute, cute little tiki's crawled on the ceiling and then pooped on Sister Hatch's leg. Haha - that's the first time I've seen that happen!

Sorry this is so short...I'll make it longer next week! And I'll add some pictures. 

In the mean time...

I love and miss you all!!!!

Sister Warner



Banana Trees

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