Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A BIG Thank you to Ruby and Irish

To our Family and Friends,

Since Jayme, aka Sister Warner, left for her mission, she asked us to keep her Facebook page up so we have been doing that.

Imagine our surprise when over the past couple of weeks, we have received some wonderful and beautiful pictures of our amazing Sister Warner!  She is SO HAPPY there and loves everyone and everything about the Philippines and the people with whom she serves.  She was definitely meant to serve there - it is her promised land and she has made life long friends.  In every picture we see of Sister Warner, she is beaming with happiness.  

As Sister Warner's family, we are eternally grateful to her companions she has had, Elders she has worked with, families she has gotten to know and special people who have taken the time to love and care for our daughter!  

Here are some of the pictures we have received!  

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