Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Questions for the Week - January 21, 2014

Kamusta Kamo?!?!?!

Good to hear from everyone always - sorry about not sending an email last week...just answered personal emails and questions! Basta...

1.  On Sunday, you shared a message in Relief Society. What was the message?  

So I shared the Spiritual thought in Relief Society - I was talking about how we are all Fishers of Men and I was tying it in with the new 2014 Philippines Area Goals, specifically the "Rescue the One" and every member being a missionary. Without the members, missionaries can't do their job. So I was just talking about all of that.

2.  Tell us one way you saw the tender mercies of the Lord this week?

Tender mercies of the Lord...so I've had to look a lot harder this week because they haven't been super obvious, but I've loved it. The work here has been lacking. Like REALLY lacking. And it's hard not to be frustrated sometimes. But I've come to see that God is very aware of us. Between the last two and a half weeks, we've gotten 21 new investigators. Not all of them are progressing, but every day the Lord helps us find and find and find. And that is amazing. As missionaries, we come out here to help Him, only to find that actually, He's just helping us. Whoa. I can't even wrap my mind around that. 

3.  Anything funny or weird?

Haha so Saturday, all of the areas surrounding Lilo-an went to the Lilo-an church for the 2014 Philippines Area Goals. While I was there, I got to see some of my batch (actually just Elder Larson - who I see all the time - and Elder Johnson) and we were talking about language mistakes. Haha. Yeah, Elder Johnson told us of his most recent - one of his investigators asked him if he feeds his cats at his home...but Elder Johnson mixed up "feed" and "eat" ("kan-on" and "ka-on) and so he thought the investigator asked if he eats his cats at home...so he responded by asking if they were delicious. LOLZ! And luckily most of the mistakes I've made have been with Sister Yap during practice teaching at our apartment...but there was that one time I accidentally testified of soy sauce...And I was taken back to the Christmas Party where I got to talk with my WHOLE batch...yeah. Mistakes are bittersweet. Sometimes funny, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes bad. Most of us are singing that song: "Will I Ever Learn this Language?" haha.

4.  Tell us your favorite thing that happened this week.

My favorite thing...ambot. Everything is my favorite thing! I guess I'll share my most spiritual experience of the week. So Sister Yap and I had just finished teaching one of our new investigators, and we were taking a back road (short cut) to the main road to go to a different area. And both of us got the impression to stop by and visit one of our investigators. We normally only teach her once a week with the rest of her family, but we had scheduled her as the backup of our backup plan. And as we were walking by, we both just kind of stopped and turned and headed up to her house. It was definitely the Spirit. Anyways, we got up to her house and we just planned to visit a bit because we didn't have a plan really - we didn't intend to teach her, and so we were knocking and yelling "ayo!" over and over...and nobody came to the door. So we turned to leave and started to walk away, when we hear a "kamusta!" and we turn and see her opening the door. Basta, our intended 10 min check up turned into an hour of teaching and really getting to know her. She told us so much that before she had kept so private. And we finally understood her concerns. It was suck a spiritual experience. Words can't really describe it...but I was very aware of the Lord's love not only for her, but also for me and Sister Yap throughout that lesson. Also, she's been reading the Book of Mormon. On her own. Yeah. We didn't even ask her to, she's just been doing it. Whoa. Yeah, that story doesn't sound nearly as good in words as it feels. 

Alright. So. This weeks been great! Last week...or two weeks ago, actually, I bought a new bag cuz the zipper broke out of mine. So Lunes when we were walking to our zone lunch, the strap breaks off my new bag! Whaaa? So I told Sister Yap that I would take it back and have it replaced...but guess what? They don't do that here. :/ not amused. So I decided to hand sew the strap back on. So I finish, and I check to make sure it's holding tight, and it's strong - and it is. Yay! So I go to put it on annnnnnd...PASTILAN! I sewed it on backwards! Now there's a twist in the strap permanently! -__- really not amused. Maybe it will break again and I'll resew it on correctly. Pastilan!

Also, last Thrusday, I had splits with the STL's! While they didn't admit it, I know it was a test to see how I'm doing and how awesome Sister Yap is at training. I hope I passed! But I learned so much. We split with Sister Lindsay (from Tacloban) and Sister Villamartin. Sister Villamartin and I taught this lady...she's really old and kind of...desperate for attention. It was an interesting lesson. She also taught me how to tract! Before the mission, my worst nightmare was that I would tract a whole street and someone at the end of the street would watch me go door to door, just knowing I was coming for them. And then it would be awkward. And guess what. That happened! Well, sort of. We were tracting down this area and this woman at the end of the "street" stood in her doorway eating lunch and watched us go from door to door, person to person...she just watched the whole time. And then we got to her. And she ended up being the only person who was interested in talking to us! The first thing she said was: "Sulod" or "come in". It was so nindot. I learned so much from Sister Villamartin. She goes home in March, so she's very experienced and knows so much. 

Yesterday Sister Yap and I were teaching one of our investigators, and the investigator started talking about her amazing singing voice. Then she started singing for us...for like 10 mins. A very Catholic choir song....On the inside, I was laughing so hard! Her voice was so sweet, but the whole situation was just....I think she was a bit drunk to be honest.

I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately...so the one attached is from our Zone Activity at Discovery Hills. It's about half of the zone :D my team for the Signs Game :D

Alright. I think I've blabbed enough! I hope you all are doing well and staying safe and warm! I love you :D

- Sister Warner -  

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