Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fun Group Picture!

Sister Warner's quote of the week:  
"I love talking to little kids. We're at about the same level :D"

Thank you Ruby for the beautiful picture!  This is a picture from the Ward Caravan on Sunday. Jayme (Sister Warner) went with Sister Ruby and Sister Mondarte (Sister Ruby's aunt) and Sister Mondarte's daughter. It was an awesome time! Some other wonderful sisters went with Sister Yap's group!  

In order from left to right:  Sister Warner, Sister Cutay, Sister Angel, Sister Irish, Sister Yap, Sister Ellen, Sister Blanco, Sister Ruby, Sister Mondarte.

Jayme said:  Sunset from the cliff-like location. I was facing west and you can see the outline of the coconut trees and stuff. The coconut trees here are massive! Like sometimes over 3 stories!

We got quick emails from Sister Warner this week; she didn't have much time!  She said, "Dogs and cats are naughty in the Philippines! We put our trash outside so that we could remember to throw it away (we have to throw it in the big bins down the street) and the neighborhood strays ate it for us! Trash all over the front part of our house. It took us like 30 mins to clean it up! And so many bugs...ugh that was the worst. Lots of fruit flies and ants! The ants here are small but they are MANY!

This is called sambag. I'm not sure what exactly it is, but it's super sour and delicious! I think it's similar to tamarind. 

Champorado. It's a rice soup's very sweet! It's made with chocolate and sugar. And It's SO lami kaayo siya!

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