Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 4: It's as Hot as Hades!!!!

Hello everyone!!!

Well, it's March now...meaning it's officially Tig-init (summer). Boy, it's hot. Yeah. Like Hades, I swear! Every day I feel like I'm just being BAKED in an oven!!! It's so, SO hot!!! And here I am, thinking about all of you like freezing in the cold...and how opposite I'm feeling....yeah - sometimes I wish I could just stand in the freezer for like 10 mins, then go back to work!
Speaking of work, how is it going?  

The work here is going great! Zone interviews just happened last week and I told President Tanner that "the work here is a party with the Spirit." He just started laughing and he told me he'd had a lot of people tell him that they were happy, but nobody'd said it was a party! For me, it's definitely a party. I seriously love it here :D

What is one fun thing you did this week?

One fun thing I did...hmmm...Zone Interviews were like ang pinikanindot :D It was great to learn from my leaders and to talk with President Tanner about the work...and, of course, to ENJOY the aircon :D no. Honestly I love working. And Sister Lange loves work, as well. So we've been doing TONS of it! And it's the best. Definitely the work is the funnest thing I did this week. 

What is one spiritual experience you had this week?

Usa ka spiritual nga kasinatian....daghan. It's hard to pick just one! I guess...when we were tracting the other day and we were just wondering around trying to find anyone who wasn't a drunk old man and we walked down this little path through someones yard and I thought we'd get to the end and have to turn around...but we got to the end of the path and it turned into a road! So we followed it and ended up at this little house with a few women, who invited us in. So we're like talking with them and then the conversation took a spiritual route as we prepared to start the lesson when the women started asking if we were Mormons (this is uncommon here...most people don't associate the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with "Mormons") and we said yes...then she told the 16 year old girl to go get the Bibles. So I was like a little worried...then the girl came back with not Bibles, but two copies of the Book of Mormon, sa Visaya! They had to be like some of the first copies printed! I was like...whoa! Turns out they're former investigators who slipped through the cracks when they moved!  The lesson was great and they asked us when we could come back. That has been one of the coolest things I've experienced so far... 

Tell us something about an investigator.

An investigator...well, we have a lot of cool investigators. Lately the Elders have been great about including our male investigators in their Wednesday morning basketball games, which has been awesome and had a really positive effect on them. Two in particular, and it's been great. They've been able to have fun experiences with the Church.

Well....We're heading up to Discovery Hills again for a zone activity!!! YAY! Sister Lange's first time up there, so I'm excited :D We also invited a couple of investigators. We have a temple trip planned in a couple of weeks, specifically for investigators. We get to take them down and show them the temple and tell them a little about it. I'm super excited for that, as a couple of our investigators are pretty curious about the temple. Hopefully it will be a cool positive effect!

I'm loving all the mission calls that are coming in! Sister Lange and I are both freaking out about all the calls :D hey, to all of you awaiting the arrival of your calls: Where ever you are called is where you're meant to be. Don't you DARE be disappointed. That's pride - God knows you more than you know yourself. I testify of that. I know it. I never expected to be called to the Philippines. I remember even laughing one time when my mom asked me what I would do if I had to live with all sorts of creepy crawlies, not use toilet paper and shower in cold water with a bucket and a ladle. No way would I ever...but you know what? God knows me better than I know me. And because of Him, here I am. Teaching the most loving people in the world. Watching them change their lives. Speaking an alien language and living like a camper. And I love every second of it. So your call is for you. No matter what you feel, God knows you. Make it the best thing you can.

Sorry about the blurriness of the's from the Sister's Conference. It's all the Sisters on Cebu and Camotes :D Bohol had their own Sisters Conference.
Love and miss you all!

Sister Warner

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