Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's P-day #3!!!  We always get excited on Wednesday nights because we know the next day is Sister Warner's P-day and we get an email from her!!!   Here is today's email:

Kamusta Kamo?!?!

First off, the suitcase! So the bookstore has one that is 27" and I haven't been to the Repair Shop yet...Sister Grigg and I will try to go there soon. I just have to completely unpack the first one and figure out where the Repair Shed is. I'll keep you posted...but maybe have an idea of one you could get me if necessary.

Okay to the good stuff!!! This week has been crazy awesome!!! Thank you so much for the packages!!! And you, too Grammy Suzanne and Papa Woody!!! I needed that lotion and chapstick so bad :) and healthy snacks! But in my district, out of the International Missionaries, only Elder Ellis had ever celebrated Halloween before - and that was only one time when he was 7!! The others had never celebrated Halloween!!! It was so epic and everyone was so happy :D the picture I've included is from our little party we had funded by the packages you all sent!!! 

OH MY GOSH!!! ELDER NUGARA AND ELDER POLE'O CAN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT THE LETTERS THEY GOT FROM YOU! Especially Elder Pole'o. He was so happy!!! Every time I see him now he asks how you are and tells me he's writing you back and he talks about Miesha and the kitties and yeah. Totally made his MTC experience. He is just so happy!!!! When he writes you back you will have his exact address. Mom and Dad, if you want/have time, please write the Kiribati sisters in my district! Sister Rimai and Sister Tune - I was telling them about how you've been saying you want to serve a mission there for like 10 years now and they were so excited! They don't get a lot of mail and they both miss home a lot and they love to talk about their culture and home and all. They could tell you want it's like :D oh and was that where the Other Side of Heaven took place?

Oh how is my baby precious puppy?!? Is she okay??? And how is Lois? Happy now that she can go in my room? That naughty little beast...and how is Sugar?!?! FOR KATIE: Don't forget to give the doggies their medicine for November!!! How is everyone?!?! Great Aunt Joanne is so sweet and she writes me, too. And I get lots of letters from everyone and it's super happy! It makes me happy.

Umm....oh the Cinnamon Burst Bread was a HUGE hit!!! If you ever want to send anything, that would be a good choice :D I'm still enjoying the yummy treats from everyone :D Chocolates and delicious fruit mixes from, you, Grammy Suzanne and Papa Woody and my Survival kit from you, the Warners :D it's so great :D's been a pretty average week...we have two "investigators" that we teach just about every day and I love learning about the culture. Taylor, you would like it. They're much more open about bodily functions than we are in the U.S. ;) - don't put that last sentence on the blog. I can't wait to get there! We study a lot here...I just need to immerse my self. BUT I'M LOSING MY SPANISH!!!! It took me like 10 mins the other day just to remember how to start a prayer in Spanish! I was so sad...but that's okay cuz Camilla will just translate for me after we both get home :) Speaking of Camilla...HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?! Gosh I'm like over the moon!!!
Oh and as for money uses lately: I got a nasty cold/sinus infection, so I had a doctors visit, medication, and a prescription to pay for :( sorry!!!!

And just so you know how behind the DearElder letters are if you don't have the right unit number: Yesterday I got the one you wrote on October 17th!!! So it's over 10 days behind if the unit number is wrong. Unit #215, NOV18.

I miss and love you all <3
- Sister Warner -

We got a second quick email that said:    

Just two more things I forgot to mention earlier:

1) There's a new verse to "As Sister's in Zion" written just for Sister Missionaries. We sing it every Sunday! I'm trying to write it down so I can share :)

2)Share this with the family, but you know how in Despicable Me the minions always say funny stuff? I swear they speak Cebuano! Baboy means pig and they say it all the time! Not that we watch Despicable Me here, but we quote it a lot now :D

3)  Please sit down and watch (1) Hairspray (2) Oh Brother Where Art Though and (3) Sound of Music.  I swear the songs from those movies are sun and lines quoted every 5 minutes!!!  

4)Go watch Elder Holland's Testimony of the Book of Mormon! SO powerful!!!!

Alright. Love ya!

-Sister Warner-

                                          Elder Nielson, Elder Pole'o and Elder Nugara
                                 Sister Warner is learning to take photographs:  Elders at the MTC

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