Thursday, October 17, 2013

We got a two pictures from Jayme today - she looks SO SO SO happy!  In this picture, she is with her Branch President and his wife.  They had been walking in the rain and she is a little wet.  This is nothing compared to what it will be like in the Philippines!

The other picture is of her District.  Left to right starting with the back row: Elder Lasalosi from Australia, Elder Archibald from Canada, Elder Ellis (our District Leader) from New Zealand, Elder Jacobs from California (Cousin Lori taught him seminary his freshman year of high school) then my kauban Sister Grigg! She's so awesome!  Front row: Sister Rimai from Kirabati (they say Kiripas), Sister Hamson from Salt Lake (she went to USU and she's going back after the mish!), Sister Riggs who's from Highland and actually goes to SUU, then Sister Tune from Kirabati, and finally, of course, yours truly! I love my district so much. They are awesomely epic! My zone is super cool, too :) 

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