Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sister Warner at the MTC

Kamusta Pamilya!!!
I'm emailing for 30 mins now while my clothes are being washed and dried and then I'll try to email for 30 minutes later right before we go to the temple. 
Alright so first off, Brother Bahan, our "investigator" is now Brother Wilkes and is one of our teachers! It's been super great and I love his style. It turns out that we're Brother McBride's and Brother Wilkes's first district! They're so excited to be teaching us. Anyways, he said something the other day that really struck me, it's super cool! He said: "The Philippines are the Mexico of Asia." So funny cuz it's so true! The language is very much a mix of islandish, Spanish, Italian, German, and we have some tones, too. But yeah, I love it!
Also, the Hiligaynon district left on Monday - all but their solo Elder - Elder Young, who has been reassigned to Richmond, Virginia, English Speaking due to back problems. I was sad to see them go...but they took with them the Sister Training Leaders (Sister Viliami and Sister Ribelin). Sister Training Leaders are basically the Sister version of Zone Leaders. Well, I'll skip the long and only slightly interesting story to get right to the good stuff: Sister Grigg and I are the new Sister Training Leaders!!!!
It's been a crazy week because of that. One sister had to go home and we welcomed in a now Hiligaynon district! You'll never guess who's part of I'll just tell you! It's Christina Jenkins, now Sister Jenkins, from Edith Bowen! She's going to the Ilo-Ilo mission! Sooo cool to see her again.
So yeah Sister Grigg and I with Elder Black and Elder Reupena (the Zone Leaders) went over and welcomed in the new district. It was way fun and super cool!!! I bought some candy at the book store to welcome in the new sisters, just like what my Sister Training Leaders did for me. 
And I got a cold, so I bought some medication and some orange TicTacs because that was a necessary item at the, it wasn't, so I'm sorry, but I really wanted some! On the plus side, I feel about a million times better today, so obviously the medication is working. 

Also...I'm running out of notebook room already! Just a heads up, I'll probably buy a journal for devotionals and scripture study and stuff like that, and at least one more notebook for class. They fill up so fast....
Ummm...Oh it's Elder Pole'o and Elder Nugara (new-gara - no 't' in there) and they would love letters!!!! Especially Elder Pole'o!
I'll try to email more later!!!  I love you all!!!!

Sister Warner

                                            The drawing was done by Elder Lasalosi:
                                  The name badges of everyone in Sister Warner's District.

                                                Sister Warner and her MTC District

                         Sister Grigg and Sister Warner:  companions and Sister Training Leaders

                Sister Warner and Sister Viliami (who was one of the Sister Training Leaders)

          The sisters in Sister Warner's district (along with a couple of other sister missionaries!)

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